Alfred Sirleaf’s “Daily Talk” blackboard pictures

Good example that in some parts of West African cities, locals get through news through the public chalkboard (not without a lot of political commentary added)

Ebola in Liberia

Alfred Sirleaf lives in Monrovia where he has a “newspaper” stand of a different sort– a blackboard.  Here are some photos of his Ebola reporting:


People read the comments on current events in Liberia including the deadly Ebola virus written by social commentator Alfred Sirleaf, on a blackboard in Monrovia.                                                      Source:

The popular “Daily Talk” bulletin in Monrovia depicts its view of government’s response to the Ebola crisis on Aug. 11, 2014.                                                                                                                              Source:

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One comment

  1. Reading the media reports here in Europe on Ebola, there are three things that are striking: it’s all about money, the exercise of power and rebellion. So I am angry about this new medical colonization against Africa.
    In order to judge the situation in Africa correctly, we can only rely on our own experiences with epidemics and vaccinations in our own countries.

    Just think of the “terrible monsterhorrorbrutalgruesome Swine Flu Epidemic – Pandemic”, that never existed. From that you could learn a lot about the political use of disease terror propaganda, who benefited from it, but also that the attempts to intimidate and terrorize had failed in depth, back in 2009.

    In the Internet there is a collection of materials on this issue in which useful criteria are given to properly judge the actual situation in Africa. Just Google: Swine Flu + Doctatorship


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