West Point Quarantine Lifted

VOA News – August 30, 2014 3:33 PM

The Liberian government has lifted the quarantine it imposed on an impoverished Monrovia neighborhood in an attempt to contain the spread of Ebola. The government on Saturday removed barricades around the seaside district of West Point. That move prompted celebrations from residents and led shopkeepers to reopen their stores. Riot police clashed with residents when the government abruptly imposed the restrictions 10 days ago. Residents feared they would be cut off from supplies of food and water. Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf ordered the West Point quarantine after residents stormed an Ebola health care center.

Reports on unrest in West Point

The report states:

…the remains of dead Ebola victims were reportedly seen, eaten by dogs, something reminiscent of the brutal civil war here, when dogs ate dead bodies on the streets. The Liberian Government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, buried some unaccounted-for corpses, suspected to have died from the Ebola Virus in that township few weeks ago. The burial was done in a hurry at night following a standoff in the day between residence and the Ministry of Health burial team. The former had refused to grant the authority a piece of land to carry out the burial. The dogs, in their numbers, were seen pulling the bodies out of the shadowed grave and hastily eating them.

Dogs can act as a transmitter of Ebola, but canines do no development symptoms from the virus, according to medical experts. A medical doctor told News24, “this means that dogs won’t get sick but they still could carry a potential risk through licking or biting.”

One resident complained that the government — by letting dogs rip apart the dead carcasses — was disrespecting the citizens they are supposed to serve, and also were showcasing gross negligence in efforts to contain the virus. “The government took an oath to defend and protect us; to see them act in such manner is unacceptable and we’ll never allow the government come to bury any longer,” he said.

Separately, Liberia’s president has fired all of his Cabinet ministers that refused an order to return to their country to help combat the deadly virus.

In another development, Guinea imposed a curfew in N’Zerekore, its second largest city, after residents ransacked a market. More than two dozen people were wounded. Investigators say residents were confused by the health care workers’ efforts to disinfect the market.

Ebola Frauds

New cases of people trying to profit off the fears of Ebola appear on the Internet daily. August 2014 gave us examples of pills full of “nano silver” filings, drinking salt water (leading two people to die), and even touching the infected people as a cure for ebola in Nigeria. Oddly the scams seem to be most prominent in Nigeria, though actual number of cases there are close to zero at the moment.

Today brings us a true American quack cure for Ebola. The style of the post is an interesting look into the medical conspiracy mind. Presented as a secret remedy censored by the medical establishment (that is not legitimate according to this unknown blogger), this homeopathic cure quotes tons of medical jargon and nearly 100-year-old government regulatory legalese to make its unproven untested cure for ebola sound as if the FDA endorses it. FDA has in no way talked about the author’s “cure” but has approved some concoctions to treat hemorrhagic fever in the last 100 years. There is a “this is not official medical advice” disclaimer buried in the text followed by a large phone number to call if you suspect that you might have ebola (so they can sell you that cure). Shameful! But useful to studying fraud.